Dark retreat earth domes

Meditation. Rejuvenation. Healing.

Dive deep down into silence, deeper and ever deeper until it is reached. 

Ramana Maharshi

A dark retreat is a solo retreat in a space that is absent of light.

The point is to stay in complete darkness and not get exposed to any source of light whatsoever. It took a great deal to close off any source of light and to create proper ventilation.

Being in complete darkness creates all sorts of changes in perceptions, and it will enhance your practice.

It’s an inner journey. It also regenerates and reset your system.

The dark retreats also have a profound effect on rejuvenation and healing, as stated in many traditions from Ayurveda to Taoism. You can find more info on our website.

Now add the tropical island of Koh Phangan in Thailand. Jungle, sea and sun. Two monolith earth domes surrounded by the forest.

Inside, it feels like being in full nature, sounds of birds, crickets, wind and rain, yet no light comes in. The domes are fully sealed and offer a complete safety barrier with the jungle.

Koh Phangan has a lot to offer before and after your retreat, its a prime destination for yoga and other forms of spirituality.

The long Dark Retreat requires stability in the natural state. You can intuitively know that you need some experience in meditation and silent retreats to apply for extended retreats.

If you have not too much experience and yet feel a strong attraction, then you can sit a 3-day retreat. It's a great opener to this ancient practice.

Dark Retreat now features in the top 9 Most Healing Self-Care Retreats That You Totally Deserve.


It will give you a good idea on how the retreats are run


Burkhard, senior teacher at Akasha Yoga Academy

Over the years I have been doing several 3 and 10-Day Dark Room Retreats in this marvelous place.
Certainly among the best experiences I ever had!
The support and infrastructure are truly awesome and highly recommended.
The serene setting in quiet nature really allows for an undisturbed profound experience.
Follow the call of your Heart, and don’t hesitate to make this journey into the Bright Light happen.

ishine gape, Acroyoga genius.

I did a retreat in 2011 and in end of 2018 another one.. Each 3 days and had an amazing experience in the dark.. The guys who have build this are genius and held great space for me while being gone from the outer world for a couple of days... For anyone who is interested and ready to experience a profound look into your self, this might be the perfect place to go and simple be! Much gratitude <3

rachel grey, Ashtanga Therapy Founder

Highly recommend doing this at least once in a lifetime ~ Santosh and Lou were absolutely wonderful and made me feel at home with friends. The dome is well designed and built by Santosh himself and has everything you need for a comfortable time to completely unplug from the matrix
There is much to be seen in the darkness
A deeply peaceful experience

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