My interest to know "who am I?" started early with my studies, I graduated bachelor diplomas in neuroscience and biochemistry, at the time it was more "what am I made of?".

I started to meditate from the age of 21 in India with Vipassana. The thirst for freedom continued throughout my life. I studied and practised Buddhism, Hatha yoga, Tantra yoga, Vedanta and the esotericism of the west.

When I became aware of the existence of dark rooms meditation from the Tibetan tradition, I fell in love, and it all made sense.

I wanted to recreate being in the Mother's womb to sit long periods in the dark. The first earth dome, Amithaba, was built in 2010.

The vision for the dark retreats is to have a place to put into direct experience, teachings and practices. 
It's a vision to empower dedicated practitioners to come into trust with their inner guidance.

After participating in sufficient group retreats and workshops, a more in-depth call may arise to face oneself, to see how much ground covered, and to become the teaching itself.

There are not many places that offer that opportunity. Most of the offerings are still resting on the teacher/student paradigm, on set rules, and practice times.
I was practising many years in a bungalow, and that was the closest I could find. Building the dark rooms came directly from this aspiration.

My responsibility in holding the retreat centre is to make sure you are in shape physically and mentally to join a retreat. Once you are registered, I facilitate the material aspects and take care of you so that you can focus only on your retreat.

 I am fortunate to offer this opportunity for hundreds of practitioners. I have learned a lot from serving and from my retreats.

I share my experience with you and support you when you register. 
While in retreat, you can write me a note, and we can communicate if the need shows itself.