My interest to know who am I started early with my studies, and I graduated bachelor diplomas in neuroscience and chemistry.

I started to meditate from the age of 21 in India with Vipassana. The thirst for freedom continued throughout my life. I studied and practised Buddhism, Hatha yoga, Tantra yoga, Vedanta and the esotericism of the west.

When I became aware of the existence of dark rooms meditation from the Tibetan tradition, I fell in love, and it all made sense.

I wanted to recreate being in the womb of the Mother building an earthbag dome to sit long periods in the dark. I was blessed; it all happened and still happens.

I am fortunate to offer this opportunity for hundreds of practitioners. I am willing to share my experience with you and support you when needed.

My vision is to give a chance for who has the call to meet themselves in emptiness.

I felt a deep calling to practice with one of my senses dramatically reduced.
According to the sutras of Patanjali, pratyahara or withdrawal of the senses is one of the eight steps to enter states of meditation naturally.

What does that mean in term of experience?

Consciousness starts to turn into itself, to go back to its source.

Attention then follows the movement within. When it happens, it can not be missed. Being in the dark day after day accentuate it and becomes undeniable support for any actual practices.

To know more about, traditions and benefits, go to the darkness page.